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2013 Winner Results

Citizen of the Year and Teen of the Year

Jeff Bunge – Citizen of the Year Bradley Brown – Teen of the Year

Cup Cake Contest Winners Ages 55 and older

1st Place
Patrick Taleja
2nd Place
Christal Chadwick
3rd Place
Lorelee Engel

Cup Cake Contest Winners 13 to 18

1st Place
Bridget DeVries
2nd Place
Emily Sarna
3rd Place
Anna Rolewski

Cup Cake Contest Winners 12 and Under

1st Palce
Molly Kubal
2nd Place
Katie Serna
3rd Place

Cardboard Boat Race

Junior Division (10 -17)

Fastest Race Time - Time:5 min. 48 sec. Boat Name- Little Sharky
Captain – Michael Tobuch, Jr.

Best Design
Boat Name – SS Guppy
Captain – Trevor Van Overlop

Best Theme
Boat Name –Miki Moka
Captain & Crew- Jerron Goodwin, Chase Culver, Madison Parkinson

Anchor Award - First to sink
Boat Name – Semper Pirates Captain Anthony Griffith

Senior Division ( 18+)

Fastest Race Time -Time:3 min. 0 sec.
Boat Name –Stars & Stripes
Captain – Ken Rasmussen, Sr.

Best Design
Boat Name – OB – CPO
Captain – Tim Zableckis

Best Theme
Boat Name –Noah’s Ark
Designer Bob Wilson

Most People on Board to finish race (7)
Boat Name – Carnival Cruise
Captain and Crew – Ken Rasmussen, Jr., Bab Malinak, Jennier Alsassa, Sam Raskin, Billy Kompanowski, Greg Hurst, Fred Spiewak, Sr.

Stars and Stripe Run

12 and Under female
1st Place - Mackenzie Matke 1:28.45 (28)
13- 14 female
1st Place - Emily Sarna1:18.07 ( 20) TIE
1st Place - Angela Gonzalez 1:18.07 (20) TIE
15 - 16 female
1st Place - Katrine Laurinaitis 1:30.50 (29)
20 -29 female
1st Place - Shelby Mager 55.35 (7)
2nd Place - Alexa Uzubell 1:27.14 (26)
30 -39 female
1st Place - Jessica Wotherspoon 1:05.02 (14)
2nd Place - Ann Pence 1:10.50 (16)
3rd Place - Sarah Watson 1:16.42 (19)
40 - 49 female
1st Place - Vicky Kurowski (1:18.19 (22)
2nd Place - Wendy Vroom 1:18.38 (23)
3rd Place - Elsa Willems (31)

13-14 male
1st Place - Kevin Paszko 53.13 (6)
2nd Place - Louis Gonzales 58.36 (9)
15-16 male
1st Place - Mike York 46.17 (3)
2nd Place - John Chomick 49.39 (4)
3rd Place - Robert Harrigan 1:01.11 (11)
17 - 19 male
1st Place - Nick Zak 44.28.05 (17)
2nd Place - Kevin Majka 52.43 (5)
20 - 29 male
1st Place - David Gladys 43.24 (1)
30-39 MALE
1st Place - Brian DeVries 59:53.05 (10)
50 -59 female
1st Place - Dorthy Galloway 1:15.31.05 (18)
50-59 male
1st Place - Bill Hillegonds 1:04.20.05 (12)
2nd Place - Bert Yohment 1:04.59 (13)
60 and older male
1st Place - Stan Binekmag 1:08.12 (15)


Over All Winner
Strack and Van Tils
1st Place - Strack and Van Tils
2nd Place - Family Flyer
1st Place - Happy Day bait and supply
2nd Place - Crown Point Corvette Club
Color Guard
1st Place - America Legion Post 261

Non - Profit
1st Place - Holy Name Church
2nd Place - Cedar Lake Methodist Church

1st Place - Boy Scouts Troop 105
2nd Place - Boy Scouts Troop 129
Horse and Pony
1st Place - Kliene Arces
Marching Band
1st Place - Hanover  Central

Talent Show

5 to 9 years
1st Place - Bianca Bomar
2nd Place - Molly Kubal
3rd Place - Maddy Graves
10 to 14
1st Place - Jimmie Lueder
2nd Place - Queens Poms
3rd Place - Caity Dillon and
Carly Dreixler
15 to 19
1st Place - Sara Jessica Reeves
20 to 24
1st Place - Michelle Josephine Velez
25 &Older
1st Place - Dad Howlitt and the Mutton Hollow Boys Band
2nd Place - Robert Rolfe
3rd Place - Christina Fulton

Checker Winners

Junior Division (12 and Under)
1st Place – Zac Triumph age 12
2nd Place – Jake Oostman age 10
Senior Division (13 and over)
1st Place – Jimmy Herron
2nd Place Keith Boyd

Cornhole winners

1st Place
"Lick It N Stick It"
Chris Novy & Jose Quiroz
2nd Place
Mike Reynolds & Troy Jackson
3rd Place
"The Sleepers"
Butch Wisniewski & Kevin Livingston

Car Show

Best of Show Buick
1st place - Ken Kramweide of Beecher, IL with a 1966 Buick Skylark
2nd place - Paul Bailey of San Pierre, IN with a 1972 Buick GS
Best of Show Caddy
1st place - Gene Souther of Lowell, with a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
2nd place - Wayne Adams of Lowell with a 1987 Cadillac Brougham
Best of Show Camaro
1st place - Jack Crump of Kouts, with a 2011 Camaro SS/RS
2nd place - Judith Stoll of Cedar Lake with a 1969 Chevy Camaro
Best of Show Chevelle
1st place - Dennis Patton of Wheatfield, with a 1970 Chevelle
2nd place - Dennis Reeves of Highland, with a 1967 Chevy Chevelle
Best of Show Corvette
1st place - Brian Ensign of Valparaiso, with a 1993 Corvette
2nd place - Richard Oman of Lowell with a 1979 Corvette
Best of Show Chevy
1st place - Richard and Carole Kozlowski, with a 1955 Chevy Del Ray
2nd place - Carl Lates of Michigan City, with a 2006 Chevy Cobalt
Best of Show Nova
1st place - Mike Delnagro of Crown Point, with a 1969 Nova
Best of Show Malibu
1st place - Bob Ole of Chicago, IL, with a 1979 2 Dr Malibu Coupe
2nd place - Elmo Mitchell of Gary, with a 1966 Malibu.
Best of Show Dodge
1st place - Jamie Janeczko of Lowell, with a 1969 dodge Charger
2nd place - Scott Bourrell of Cedar Lake with a 1964
Dodge 330 Best of Show Ford
1st place - John Buncich of Crown Point, with a 1957 Ford Custom 300
Best of Show Mustang
1st place - Paul Perez of Cedar Lake, with a 9195 Mustang GT 2nd place - Mike Griffin with a 2013 Ford Mustang
Best of Show Fairlane/Galaxie
1st place - Rob Steinberg of Cedar Lake, with a 1996 Ford Galaxie
Best of show Olds
1st place - Bill Kirkland of Gary, with a 1957 Olds Super 88
2nd place - Mike Breedlove of Cedar Lake with a 1969 Olds Cutlass
Best of Show Cutlass
1st place - Larry Surowiec, of Valparaiso, with a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Classic
2nd place - Walter Michaels of St. John, with an Oldsmobile Cutlass S.
Best of Show Pontiac
1st place - Dean Sturtridge of Valparaiso with a 1963 Pontiac Catalina
2nd place - John M. Miller of Valparaiso with a 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix
Best of Show Plymouth
1st place - Ed Hardee of Hammond, IN with a 1939 Plymouth
2nd place - Dave Kleine of Cedar Lake, with a 1947 Plymouth

Best of Show Custom Rat or Unfinished Rod
1st place - James Peak of Cedar Lake, with a 1933 5 Window Ford
2nd place - Bob Warzyniar of Crown Point, with a 1939 Chevy Truck Rat Rod
Best of Show Trans Am
1st place - is Scott and Dawn Rosene of Portage, with a 1998 Trans Am
2nd place - Corey Schneider of De Motte, with a 1999 Pontiac Trans Am
Best of Show Firebird
1st place - Kevin Robbins of Schererville, with a 1967 Pontiac Firebird
Best of Show GTO
1st place - Dave Talmadge of Crown Point, with a 1967 Pontiac GTO
2nd place - Dan Govwens of St. John, with a 1967Pontiac GTO
Best of Show Truck Classic
1st place - Larry R. Tipton, of St. John with a 1958 Chevy Apache
2nd place - R. J. Kralek of Cedar Lake with a 1952 Chevy C-10
Best of Show Classic Truck Modified
1st place - Ron Schaafsma of Crown Point, with a 1950 5 Window Chevy Pick Up
2nd place - Carl Persinger of Lowell with a 1972 Chevy S-10 Pick-up
Best of Show Truck Contemporary Modified
1st place - Jennifer Wilson of Cedar Lake with a 2012 Jeep Rubicon
Best of Show Motorcycle
1st place - Mike Chalos of Cedar Lake with a 1982 FXR Shovel Head Harley Davidson. Best of Show Motorcycle Modified
1st place - Robert Stack of Griffith with a 2004 Harley Davidson Low Rider
2nd place - Chuck Tabares of Cedar Lake with a 2008 Street Glide
Best of Show Classic (1900-1965)
1st place - Melvin Lolkema with a 1957 Chevy Belair
2nd place - David Zeller of Hobart with a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville convertible
Best of Show Street Rod Classic
1st place - Bill and Rita Kollmar of Schererville with a 1940Ford Sedan
Best of show Street Rod modified
1st place - Scott Stupar of Griffith with a 1931 Ford A Coupe
2nd place - Ronald Wright of Whiting with a 1933 Ford Cabriolet
Best of Show AMC
1st place - Kevin Hill of St. John with a 1974 Gremlin
Best of Show Monte Carlo
1st place - Jim L DeBoer with a 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Most Unique Bob Warzyniak of Crown Point with a 1939 Chevy Truck Rat Rod
Director’s Choice Trophy
Kathy Conley of Lowell with a 1957 Chevy
Hometown Hero’s Trophy
James Peak of Cedar Lake with a 1933 5 Window Ford Street Rod
Founder’s Trophy
David Zeller of Hobart with a 1965 Bonneville Convertible
Best o f Show Trophy
Scott Studar of Griffith with a 1931 Ford A Coupe