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Cedar Lake Summerfest Inc.
P.O. Box 188
Cedar Lake, IN 46303

Phone (219) 776 6197




Board of Directors:

The Cedar Lake Summerfest meets the fourth Monday of the month at the Reichert's Tavern at 7:00 P.M. Anyone who would like to become involved in the annual FOURTH OF JULY FESTIVAL please come on out or contact us. (We are currently meeting every Monday at the Town Grounds due to the proximity of the Festival.)


Committee Members:

Gordon Dickson - Chairman
Ken Rasmussen - Co-chairman
Jerry Reiling - Treasurer
Mary Joan Dickson - Secretary
Candi Reiling- Board
Matt Dickson- Board
Josh Rivera - Board
Deana Sutton - Board
Kathy Broomhead - Member

Robert Carnahan - Member
Virginia Rivera - Member
Kelly Whittaker - Member
Mary Rasmussen - Member
Diane Jostes - Member
Frank Orsini - Member